08 April 2009

Untitled - Chapter 5

Part III

Now this was awkward.
Sara wanted Robert, Greg, Doug and I to meet with that guy Kieron and his friends. Which obviously meant they had talents; I mean why else would she want us to meet.

Kieron introduced his friends; Oliver and Jeniffer. We all exchanged greetings and sat down in our living room. We had to pull a few chairs from our dining table, but we managed to all fit.
Sara broke the silent tension in the room, "okay well we are all here because we have connections with the R.F.I.. Greg and Doug," she pointed at the twins, "they worked there, but they helped rescue us and stop them. Now Robert and Lydia," Sara now gestured towards us, "both have talents. Robert can see the future and Lydia can influence minds. I used to have one, the same one as Kieron actually, but I lost it when my chip was extracted. Now Kieron said Oliver, you can read minds and Jeniffer can create fire? Right?" They both nodded, "okay, so -."
"Do they still have chips?" Robert interrupted.
Sara nodded.
The 3 looked worried.
"Now I don't know if it is bad, since the R.F.I. aren't here anymore, but I don't know if we should take any chances," the five of us nodded knowing we should get them out. "Will we lose our abilities, like you?" Oliver asked Sara.
"When were you guys fully aware of your talents?" Jeniffer had said 5, Oliver 6 and Kieron 6 as well. "Yeah you will probably still have yours, my talent was never fully developed. But my chip was implanted when I was 13, so you really have nothing to worry about."
I soon let my mind drift and began wondering whether or not Oliver could read Robert's or my mind. Or if he was trying because every time I looked at him, he looked like he was concentrating really hard. But them something came to my mind, which had yet to be addressed, "did the R.F.I. ever try to capture y'all and upgrade you?" I asked the 3. They all shook their heads, "should we have been?" asked Jeniffer.
"Well Sara, Robert and I were and they said they were trying to get every chip upgraded and they were able to track chips." Then I was mainly questioning to myself, "why would they leave you guys alone?"
Everyone shrugged.
"Well maybe there were some they were waiting on, like finish the first group, then move on to the next," Greg suggested.
"Maybe," Sara said, "do your families know?"
They all shook their heads.
They probably do, they just haven't told them.
"Well my brother does," Jeniffer stated.
"Does he have a talent too?" Robert asked.
"Psh, Jones? No way. He wishes he did though," she laughed.
Jones? Could just be another one. Plus we knew for a fact Jones still had his and he has never mentioned a sister.
"Jones?" Robert questioned, "what's his last name?"
"Robert, what is his last name?" I asked.
"Harper," Jeniffer and Robert said at the same time.
Everyone's mouth dropped.
"You know her brother?" Kieron asked.
"Yes, we all do. But your brother does have a talent," Robert said.
They all laughed.
How could he not tell them?
"Like what?" Oliver asked sarcastically.
"He has like super hearing," Robert said trying to find the right words.
Now they all were really laughing.
"He was at the R.F.I. with us and he even ... captured Sara to take her to the headquarters. Where was your brother in November or New Years Eve or like the whole month of January?" He asked almost angrily.
"Well I don't really keep track of him, because he is with my parents. But I didn't hear anything about him being gone or whatever, but for New Years Eve, all of us were at a bon fire party"
Robert shook his head, "so you all were at the party, out in the middle of nowhere with the fireworks," he asked the 3.
They nodded.
"Geez," he slapped his forehead, "we probably crossed paths so many time and never knew it."
"You all were there too?" Kieron asked.
"Well Sara and I were sort of. Sara was there first, but I had a vision of her being kidnapped, so I was running around frantically trying to find her. When I did, your brother and a group of others took her and knocked me out," Robert said uneasy.
"I don't believe you, Jones wouldn't do something like that," Jeniffer said.
"Fine, but why don't you ask him yourself or better bring him here," he said.
"I will," Jeniffer said harshly.
Now this would be awkward.