12 February 2009

Untitled - Chapter 4

8 o'clock class...again.
At least it was Art History, I loved art but I definitely did not study anything last night.
Oh well.
I knew Sara and I wouldn't have this class, because I didn't change this class, unless she changed hers, but I doubt it.

For two hours, the professor had us analyze Renaissance Art, but my mind still wandered to her. She intrigued me for some reason that I did not know.
Finally class ended , thankfully it was my only class of the day.
I decided to go to this restaurant Veggie Heaven for an early lunch (it is a vegetarian restaurant) their food is vegan Asian food and it was great, because sometimes it was hard to find meals without meat.
I found a table near the back corner and ordered my faux chicken and noodles meal. When I looked up at the table across from me I saw... Sara, reading a book. She hadn't seen me yet.
Wow, Sara's a veg? Seems like we have some stuff in common.
I was debating whether to talk to her or not.
"Go, say something!" I shouted in my head.
"Sara?" I questioned, trying to sound surprised.
She glanced up and smiled.
"Wow this is so weird, we keep bumping into each other," I said.
"If I didn't know any better, I would think you were stalking me," she chuckled and so did I, "do you want to join me?" she asked.
Yes! I am starting to think she likes me.
I got up and sat across from her at the table.
"So why did you run off yesterday?" she questioned.
"Oh my friends threw me a surprise party, since it was my birthday."
"You didn't tell me is was your b-day," she said rather annoyed.
"Well I don't like making a big fuss about it."
She nodded, "well happy belated birthday."

We were talking for a while, then our food came and we would say something in between bites, but it wasn't a very interesting conversation, but I didn't mind. Besides I couldn't take my eyes off of her.
Then out of nowhere, she asked, "so are you going to tell me what it was that I wouldn't believe?"
Darn. Um. Tell her? Don't tell her?
I decided I should.
"If I do, can I tell you somewhere more private?"
She nodded.
So I paid for both of us, she looked uncomfortable when I did this, but I wanted to be nice.
"Thank you," she muttered when we were leaving.

We began walking to the park and found a bench where no one was walking by. We sat down and I let out a sigh and began.
"Okay, so this will sound crazy and you will probably think I am weird, but I should tell you. Uh, my friends will kill me but whatever," Sara began smiling. That's odd. "So... uh... I have this ability... well let me start at the beginning. There is this group called the R.F.I. that are trying to control people and their abilities, for something but I am not sure why," she was now nodding.
But I continued, "so these abilities are like, reading minds, seeing the future, creating or moving things with the mind and other things like that. My ability is," I sighed again, "I can stop peoples abilities and not let them into my head. I don't have a name for what it is, but I have had it since I was maybe...6. Okay... well that is mainly it. Oh wait...my adopted parents turned out to be working with this group and wanted me controlled as well. Which is the real reason why I left Washington." I looked at Sara, who was still grinning and also had a look of understanding.
What is wrong with her?
Then she glanced at me and started up, "okay, so first off your talent is called Being Impenetrable," I gave her a confused look, "I should know, because that was my talent," she mumbled.
"Whoa, wait, what? You have one to?"
"Had one," she corrected.
My mouth dropped.
"Okay, so let me talk," she said, "the R.F.I.were controlling people with chips that they implanted. Which is also the reason for your talent. But yours is probably permanent since they got to you when you were young. The reason they did it, was to create a perfect society of emotionless, talented robots practically -"
"Wait, how do you know all this?" I interrupted.
"Because I was being controlled by them and they even said that that was their plan."
"Ah, so are they still out there?" I was nervous, I didn't want to be controlled.
"No, well not the R.F.I. at least, we were able to stop them."
"What, whose 'we'" Wow, she stopped them?
"My friends and I got the Police and about 40 plus people to come and stop them in their headquarters in Portland. Blew up the building and the Police took the R.F.I. members into custody. They also shut down each one that was all over the World."
My mouth was still agape.
"Yeah so hopefully we are safe. Wait do you know if you still have a chip in you?" She questioned with a worried look.
I shrugged.
She came over and bent my head to take a look at my neck.
"Hm... dang it, you do, I can see the outline of it," she stated.
Uh oh, "is that bad?"
"I don't think so."
Oh great.
"I should ask my boyfriend," she said nonchalantly. My face fell, she has a boyfriend? Of course.
But she kept talking, without meeting my eyes, "Greg and Doug may also know what to do. So your friends, do they have talents as well?"
I nodded, "my friend Jeniffer can create fire with her mind and Oliver can read minds."
"Cool, we should probably all meet. I bet your friends still have chips as well."
I nodded, "So how did you lose your ability?"
"Well they put my chip in when I was older, so when it was taken out, it didn't have a chance to become permanent. So I lost it."
"Does your boyfriend and friends have abilities too?" it hurt when I said boyfriend.
"Yes, Robert can see the future, Lydia can influence minds, but Doug and Greg have none, they were just workers of the R.F.I."
"Oh," was all I could say.
"Well I think we should meet each others friend's now," she added.
And I nodded.


  1. hey, i know i've been distant but I swear I'm back now. there will be no new blog for Legit Lies, sorry. I couldn't think of an ending for it. I do know that Reese was going to be evil along with the Headmistress. via's father was going to be a scienctist who was developing an anti-vampire antedont when he got killed. so Via is half vamp. the Headmistress was part of this ancient ruling society, her grandson was the double-angent who pretended to work for his grandma but turned her in at the end. You probably guessed that Knight and Via ended up together...

    but anywaz I won't you to check out my new blog when you get a chance.I'm doing book reviews so give me some good books to review!!

    please do this when you get the chance.
    p.s. what happened to Jo?
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  2. IM BACK!!! Thnks for your concern Kidde! I've missed you both too! Anyway, I STILL can't wait for more!!