08 April 2009

Untitled - Chapter 5

Part III

Now this was awkward.
Sara wanted Robert, Greg, Doug and I to meet with that guy Kieron and his friends. Which obviously meant they had talents; I mean why else would she want us to meet.

Kieron introduced his friends; Oliver and Jeniffer. We all exchanged greetings and sat down in our living room. We had to pull a few chairs from our dining table, but we managed to all fit.
Sara broke the silent tension in the room, "okay well we are all here because we have connections with the R.F.I.. Greg and Doug," she pointed at the twins, "they worked there, but they helped rescue us and stop them. Now Robert and Lydia," Sara now gestured towards us, "both have talents. Robert can see the future and Lydia can influence minds. I used to have one, the same one as Kieron actually, but I lost it when my chip was extracted. Now Kieron said Oliver, you can read minds and Jeniffer can create fire? Right?" They both nodded, "okay, so -."
"Do they still have chips?" Robert interrupted.
Sara nodded.
The 3 looked worried.
"Now I don't know if it is bad, since the R.F.I. aren't here anymore, but I don't know if we should take any chances," the five of us nodded knowing we should get them out. "Will we lose our abilities, like you?" Oliver asked Sara.
"When were you guys fully aware of your talents?" Jeniffer had said 5, Oliver 6 and Kieron 6 as well. "Yeah you will probably still have yours, my talent was never fully developed. But my chip was implanted when I was 13, so you really have nothing to worry about."
I soon let my mind drift and began wondering whether or not Oliver could read Robert's or my mind. Or if he was trying because every time I looked at him, he looked like he was concentrating really hard. But them something came to my mind, which had yet to be addressed, "did the R.F.I. ever try to capture y'all and upgrade you?" I asked the 3. They all shook their heads, "should we have been?" asked Jeniffer.
"Well Sara, Robert and I were and they said they were trying to get every chip upgraded and they were able to track chips." Then I was mainly questioning to myself, "why would they leave you guys alone?"
Everyone shrugged.
"Well maybe there were some they were waiting on, like finish the first group, then move on to the next," Greg suggested.
"Maybe," Sara said, "do your families know?"
They all shook their heads.
They probably do, they just haven't told them.
"Well my brother does," Jeniffer stated.
"Does he have a talent too?" Robert asked.
"Psh, Jones? No way. He wishes he did though," she laughed.
Jones? Could just be another one. Plus we knew for a fact Jones still had his and he has never mentioned a sister.
"Jones?" Robert questioned, "what's his last name?"
"Robert, what is his last name?" I asked.
"Harper," Jeniffer and Robert said at the same time.
Everyone's mouth dropped.
"You know her brother?" Kieron asked.
"Yes, we all do. But your brother does have a talent," Robert said.
They all laughed.
How could he not tell them?
"Like what?" Oliver asked sarcastically.
"He has like super hearing," Robert said trying to find the right words.
Now they all were really laughing.
"He was at the R.F.I. with us and he even ... captured Sara to take her to the headquarters. Where was your brother in November or New Years Eve or like the whole month of January?" He asked almost angrily.
"Well I don't really keep track of him, because he is with my parents. But I didn't hear anything about him being gone or whatever, but for New Years Eve, all of us were at a bon fire party"
Robert shook his head, "so you all were at the party, out in the middle of nowhere with the fireworks," he asked the 3.
They nodded.
"Geez," he slapped his forehead, "we probably crossed paths so many time and never knew it."
"You all were there too?" Kieron asked.
"Well Sara and I were sort of. Sara was there first, but I had a vision of her being kidnapped, so I was running around frantically trying to find her. When I did, your brother and a group of others took her and knocked me out," Robert said uneasy.
"I don't believe you, Jones wouldn't do something like that," Jeniffer said.
"Fine, but why don't you ask him yourself or better bring him here," he said.
"I will," Jeniffer said harshly.
Now this would be awkward.

12 February 2009

Untitled - Chapter 4

8 o'clock class...again.
At least it was Art History, I loved art but I definitely did not study anything last night.
Oh well.
I knew Sara and I wouldn't have this class, because I didn't change this class, unless she changed hers, but I doubt it.

For two hours, the professor had us analyze Renaissance Art, but my mind still wandered to her. She intrigued me for some reason that I did not know.
Finally class ended , thankfully it was my only class of the day.
I decided to go to this restaurant Veggie Heaven for an early lunch (it is a vegetarian restaurant) their food is vegan Asian food and it was great, because sometimes it was hard to find meals without meat.
I found a table near the back corner and ordered my faux chicken and noodles meal. When I looked up at the table across from me I saw... Sara, reading a book. She hadn't seen me yet.
Wow, Sara's a veg? Seems like we have some stuff in common.
I was debating whether to talk to her or not.
"Go, say something!" I shouted in my head.
"Sara?" I questioned, trying to sound surprised.
She glanced up and smiled.
"Wow this is so weird, we keep bumping into each other," I said.
"If I didn't know any better, I would think you were stalking me," she chuckled and so did I, "do you want to join me?" she asked.
Yes! I am starting to think she likes me.
I got up and sat across from her at the table.
"So why did you run off yesterday?" she questioned.
"Oh my friends threw me a surprise party, since it was my birthday."
"You didn't tell me is was your b-day," she said rather annoyed.
"Well I don't like making a big fuss about it."
She nodded, "well happy belated birthday."

We were talking for a while, then our food came and we would say something in between bites, but it wasn't a very interesting conversation, but I didn't mind. Besides I couldn't take my eyes off of her.
Then out of nowhere, she asked, "so are you going to tell me what it was that I wouldn't believe?"
Darn. Um. Tell her? Don't tell her?
I decided I should.
"If I do, can I tell you somewhere more private?"
She nodded.
So I paid for both of us, she looked uncomfortable when I did this, but I wanted to be nice.
"Thank you," she muttered when we were leaving.

We began walking to the park and found a bench where no one was walking by. We sat down and I let out a sigh and began.
"Okay, so this will sound crazy and you will probably think I am weird, but I should tell you. Uh, my friends will kill me but whatever," Sara began smiling. That's odd. "So... uh... I have this ability... well let me start at the beginning. There is this group called the R.F.I. that are trying to control people and their abilities, for something but I am not sure why," she was now nodding.
But I continued, "so these abilities are like, reading minds, seeing the future, creating or moving things with the mind and other things like that. My ability is," I sighed again, "I can stop peoples abilities and not let them into my head. I don't have a name for what it is, but I have had it since I was maybe...6. Okay... well that is mainly it. Oh wait...my adopted parents turned out to be working with this group and wanted me controlled as well. Which is the real reason why I left Washington." I looked at Sara, who was still grinning and also had a look of understanding.
What is wrong with her?
Then she glanced at me and started up, "okay, so first off your talent is called Being Impenetrable," I gave her a confused look, "I should know, because that was my talent," she mumbled.
"Whoa, wait, what? You have one to?"
"Had one," she corrected.
My mouth dropped.
"Okay, so let me talk," she said, "the R.F.I.were controlling people with chips that they implanted. Which is also the reason for your talent. But yours is probably permanent since they got to you when you were young. The reason they did it, was to create a perfect society of emotionless, talented robots practically -"
"Wait, how do you know all this?" I interrupted.
"Because I was being controlled by them and they even said that that was their plan."
"Ah, so are they still out there?" I was nervous, I didn't want to be controlled.
"No, well not the R.F.I. at least, we were able to stop them."
"What, whose 'we'" Wow, she stopped them?
"My friends and I got the Police and about 40 plus people to come and stop them in their headquarters in Portland. Blew up the building and the Police took the R.F.I. members into custody. They also shut down each one that was all over the World."
My mouth was still agape.
"Yeah so hopefully we are safe. Wait do you know if you still have a chip in you?" She questioned with a worried look.
I shrugged.
She came over and bent my head to take a look at my neck.
"Hm... dang it, you do, I can see the outline of it," she stated.
Uh oh, "is that bad?"
"I don't think so."
Oh great.
"I should ask my boyfriend," she said nonchalantly. My face fell, she has a boyfriend? Of course.
But she kept talking, without meeting my eyes, "Greg and Doug may also know what to do. So your friends, do they have talents as well?"
I nodded, "my friend Jeniffer can create fire with her mind and Oliver can read minds."
"Cool, we should probably all meet. I bet your friends still have chips as well."
I nodded, "So how did you lose your ability?"
"Well they put my chip in when I was older, so when it was taken out, it didn't have a chance to become permanent. So I lost it."
"Does your boyfriend and friends have abilities too?" it hurt when I said boyfriend.
"Yes, Robert can see the future, Lydia can influence minds, but Doug and Greg have none, they were just workers of the R.F.I."
"Oh," was all I could say.
"Well I think we should meet each others friend's now," she added.
And I nodded.

Untitled - Chapter 3

Part II

I felt bad for running off on Sara like that, but I had more important things.
Jeniffer had texted me telling me it was urgent, besides I couldn't tell Sara the truth.
I didn't even really know her, I mean we just met a few hours ago, so how could I tell her that, besides my friends would kill me if I did.

I walked to Oliver's house, luckily he lived close to the University.
I ran inside the house (for some reason it was unlocked) "What's going on? What is so urgent?" I practically shouted.
"SURPRISE!" And about 30 people jumped from behind the tables and sofas.
A surprise party, crap, I had wished they didn't remember it was my birthday, but they obviously did.
Jeniffer and Oliver (my two best friends) walked over.
"Happy birthday," they both said in sync.
"Thanks, you guys didn't really need to do this."
"Yes we did and we know you love it," Jeniffer said sarcastically.
I nodded.
"Okay cake time!" Oliver shouted so everyone knew to run to the dining room.
They completely went overboard with the decorations in the house. Everywhere was scattered with balloons, banners saying "happy birthday" and party favors.
Oliver came carrying the HUGE cake, which I knew was my favorite of red velvet with cream cheese icing.
"Okay Jeniffer light the candles," Oliver said.
She began staring intently on the 20 candles and they slowly began to come to life. (Jeniffer had Pyrokinesis or she could create fire with her mind, Oliver on the other hand could read minds). Slowly the "Happy Birthday" song came to life, when it was finished everyone was chanting "make a wish."
So I did, which was, well I can't say, it ruins the wish. Then I took a deep breath and let it out and surprisingly blew out all the candles in one go.
Then they slowly began to re-light.
They used the trick candles on me.
But then i glanced at Jen who was grinning like and idiot. I hated having a pyro during things like this.
So I blew them out... again and gave her a glare, so she wouldn't do it again. Luckily she didn't.
"Hey, happy birthday man," one of my other friends, Jones said.
"Thanks, glad you could come," said I.
"No problem. Wow 20, geez I am still so young compared to you," Jones remarked.
"Your only 3 years younger. Not that big of a difference.
Jones and I had become friends, because Jen is his sister. But we were definitely not that close, compared to Oliver and Jen.

Well my party lasted a few more hours, but I had class the next day, so I needed to go and study.
I thanked everyone who came and especially Olli and Jen for the surprise and headed for my dorm.
I had lucked into having my own dorm, because my roommate had dropped out and they never found a replacement, so I enjoyed the alone time.
I pulled out my Art History book and tried to study, but my mind kept drifting to Sara. I went back and forth in my head, whether I should tell her what I was about and why I hated my adopted parents so much, but I decided it could wait.
I still wasn't sure who I could trust.

11 February 2009

Untitled - Chapter 2

"What is it?" I asked, I was rather nervous now.
"I can't get into his mind," she said, kind of upset.
My mouth dropped, "is it like how it was with me?"
"Yeah, it feels the exact same, meaning he might have a talent. He may even have a chip. I don't know."
"Wow," was all I could say.
"So...I think you should try and find out as much as possible," she said and grinned.
"Uh, but I am not good at that nosy stuff, that's you specialty."
She laughed, "yeah, but just act normal, ask regular friendly things, go have a coffee," my eyes widened, "yeah you didn't think I heard that did you, but I won't say anything to Robert. He gets jealous really easily.
I nodded.
Crap, what did I just get myself into.

I sat in my room thinking of things to ask Kieron, until I had to go to my English class.

I left 10 'til noon, unfortunately Lydia and I did not have this class together.
When I got there, almost all the seats were taken, since I was in a small class, there was only about 30 of us in there. But I managed to find a seat near the back.
Class was just about to start, when guess who burst in; Kieron.
Geez, it is like he is stalking me.
The only empty seat was next to me. Of course.
His face lit up when he saw me.
"Do you need a pen?" I asked trying to be polite, since he asked earlier.
He shook his head, "when I went back to my dorm, I found one, but thanks anyway."

When class ended he ran up to me, "well that is so crazy, us having another class together."
"Yeah, so crazy," I tried not to sound so harsh, but it did come out rather mockingly.
His face fell...again.
Geez, "do you want to go get a coffee now?" I asked trying to do what Lydia told me.
"Sure," and he lit back up.

We went to the coffee shop on campus and grabbed a table outside.
"So are you from Texas?" I asked.
"No, I was born in Seattle and lived there my whole life, but I wanted something different, so that's why I chose Austin. What about you?"
"I was born in Norfolk, Connecticut, but I have lived in so many different places. I moved to Austin a year ago from Portland and I decided to stay and go to school here."
Our conversation was other stuff like this for about an hour, talking about our majors and things. All I knew was he was a sophomore, 20 years old and was a Philosophy major. This didn't help me too much, but then we got into our family.
"Well I was adopted, my parents were killed when I was almost 2, so this couple decided to take me in," he said as if it was nothing.
Well maybe he did have a talent and got it when he was young, that same type of things happened to both Robert and Lydia.
"I'm sorry about that," I said truly.
"It's alright, it doesn't bother me anymore. Except when I see my 'parents' I am disgusted," he mumbled the last bit.
I gave him a questioning look.
"It's a long story and besides you wouldn't believe me."
I smiled at that, "try me."
Then his mobile phone beeped; it was a text.
"Uh...sorry Sara, but I have to go. Maybe another time?"
I nodded and he ran off.

Untitled - Chapter 1

"Sara, come on, we are going to be late," Lydia called from the living room.
Ugh, school and an 8 o'clock class.
"Yeah, I'll be out in a minute," I yelled back.
She sighed.
I had made her late to class before, but I don't know why she waits for me.
I began to feel something in my head, then I stopped what I was doing, grabbed my back pack and stepped out the door. It frustrates me so much when she does that to me.
Lydia is my best friend, who can by the way influence peoples mind, which is what she just did. She rarely did it but I guess she didn't want to be late... again.
"You know I really hate when you do that," I mumbled.
"Well I really hate being late," she said calmly.

We walked to the University, our apartment was only a 5 minute walk to school.
Lydia and I shared the apartment with my boyfriend Robert, Lydia's boyfriend Doug and his twin brother Greg. Yes, it was a weird group, but only 9 months ago we were being controlled by insane people, who wanted us as weapons to help create a new society.
Luckily we stopped the R.F.I. and hopefully AMICAL as well.

St. Edwards University was a beautiful campus, especially on days like this. The sun was rising and it was clear blue skies, so the way it shined off the trees and the extremely green grass, it looked like a picture. The school had buildings that to me looked like a castle, but it was more like a catholic church. It also had very modern buildings as well, but it definitely was an awesome atmosphere.

Lydia and I walked into our Psych class, I was so relieved when I knew her and I had taken classes together, it made me feel so much more comfortable, because I still hated new experiences.
Her and I never sat next to on another though, mainly because we always end up distracting each other. So I sat in a new seat, because my usual was taken.
"Um...d...do you have a pencil I could borrow?" came from the voice next to me.
Whoa, deja vu. Why is there always a guy next to me asking for writing utensils.
This guy had very light brown eyes, olive skin, and dark brown hair. He looked familiar and for some reason reminded me of Robert. But I had never seen him before, maybe he was new? He probably just reminded me of him, because he asked a similar question, like Robert did when I first met him.
"Yeah," I reached into my bag and pulled out a pen, "is a pen alright?"
He just nodded and I handed it to him.
He seemed so nervous, maybe he was like me and didn't like new things.

After our lecture was over, I headed out the door to meet up with Lydia, when I heard that guy say something. I turned my head and he had my pen extended for me to take.
"Th...thanks again," he stumbled out.
"No problem. Oh by the way, I am Sara," I held out my hand.
"I'm Kieron," he said as we shook hands.
"So are you new here?"
"Yeah, well to this class anyway, I changed my schedule."
"Oh, cool," I couldn't think of anything better to say. Then there was an extremely long and awkward silence until he blurted out, "do you maybe want to go and get a coffee?"
"Uh..." I glanced at Lydia, who was still waiting for me, but she was giving me a weird look, like I shouldn't be talking to this guy, "maybe some other time," I didn't want to completely say no, he looked too nice.
"Oh okay," he said as his face fell, "well I will see you around right?" he hoped.
I just nodded and headed to where Lydia was.
"And who was that?" she demanded, she was still a gossip queen.
"Just some guy, his name is Kieron. I don't really know him."
"Mhmm, sure," she said sarcastically.
"Whatever," and we headed back to our apartment.
My next class was at noon, so I had some down time.

We stepped into the living room. There was a long dark blue couch in the middle facing a flat screen T.V. (We all pitched in for it, besides Greg and Doug are loaded), and a glass coffee table in the middle.
We didn't have much furniture.
Robert was in the kitchen making his breakfast, which of course was cereal. He never worked on Mondays, but Greg and Doug did, they must have already left to the garage.
"Hey, how was class?" Robert greeted.
"Good, but you better watch out, Sara was totally chatting up some guy," Lydia stated.
Robert's face went from happy-go-lucky straight to jealousy.
"Was not, he asked to borrow a pencil, then after class he returned it and we just introduced ourselves. That's it," I didn't mention the coffee bit, didn't need Robert even more jealous.
"Well," he said as he mockingly stroked his chin, "it seems guys like to hit on Sara by asking for something to write with," he smirked, "I did, if you remember," he glanced at me.
"Psh, that was not hitting on or flirting, besides you didn't talk to me until like a week later."
"Yes, but when I did, I asked you out," he walked over and gave me a kiss.
I rolled my eyes, but smiled at him. I am glad he wasn't mad at me.
"You do know it will be a year since that date next week," Robert said.
"I know and it has been a year since I moved too. It is so weird to think about, I mean next month in November it will be a year since..." I drifted off, I didn't want to say it.
He just nodded, then went to eating his cereal.
"Sara can I talk to you?" Lydia was pulling me by my arm into her room.
"I guess I have no choice," I laughed out.
"There's something with that guy Kieron."

Book titles and Prologue

Okay so I have my new book, which it the sequel to Brand New Day, but I need a title. And just so you know each title is a song, the other book title was a song as well. But I am unsure, so give your opinions or other ideas for a title.

  • The Compromise
  • Every Second Counts
  • Everything Changes
  • The Final Incident
  • One Last Time
  • Open Your Eyes

But I suppose to help I might as well write the Prologue on here as well. And please give me criticism on this prologue (I am not doing it backwards this time) but I wrote it in my car when I got the idea, so I need it. Enjoy. :D

The time has come for me to run for my life...again. These near death experiences seem to lurk just around the corner for me all the time.

Why must people want my friends and I so badly to complete their plans? But this time around the group, whoever they were or whatever they were, are much more dangerous then the one's who were after us last time.

I wish I could just have a normal life, but it will never happen I suppose. Even my love life isn't normal.

But I do have Robert, Lydia, Doug, and Greg, along with some new help.
We will stop whoever this is, we did it last time and we will do it again.
No one could hold us down.

02 February 2009


Okay so I need a prologue for Brand New Day, now I need opinions. I have two prologues, tell me which one you like the best and what criticism you have for it. Thanks. XD

Have you ever been in danger?. For sure i have and not just once, but many times. My life was in danger the minute I moved to Texas and i didn't even know it. I know danger lurks around the corner all the time, like crazy people trying to kill someone.
But my danger has not been death, but instead becoming a weapon. (Your probably thinking i am crazy right, why would i be any use). I supposedly have something they want, that will help them with their plan, which in a way is to take over the world. I know it's cliche, but they want a perfect society, even if that meant taking away what makes humans human. And i was definitely not going to let that happen or let these people get what i have, whatever it is?
But i had the love of my life and my best friend with me through everything, while of course there were ups and downs, but they wouldn't stop us. How could they?

We were a force to be reckoned with.

And now the second one:

"Sir we're ready," the doctor announce.
"Thank you, let's begin," the Head Director said.

For an hour straight, the two worked endlessly to perfect their plan.
The surgery seemed to go well, along with their upgrade. The chip seemed to take it's course.
"Hello? Can you hear me?" the doctor yelled into the lifeless looking body below him.
"Hm...yes," came from the body.
"Well look at that, Specimen 11 actually worked," the Head Director said truly surprised.
"Now we have figured out how to get it just right," said the doctor enthusiastically.
"Not yet. We must see if the talent is there." The doctor's face fell.
"What can you do 11?" asked the Head Director.

They spent a few hours testing 11 and making sure everything went correctly.
When they came down to a definite conclusion, the Head Director announced to begin the transformation process.
"We will have what we want and we will do whatever it takes to get them here," the Head Director announced to all the Institutes around the World.

Okay so that is it, now which do you like the best? And please give me all sorts of criticism. I know it is a bit weird that I went backwards, but since you all have read it, you can help. XD

And what do you think of the pic? XD