11 February 2009

Book titles and Prologue

Okay so I have my new book, which it the sequel to Brand New Day, but I need a title. And just so you know each title is a song, the other book title was a song as well. But I am unsure, so give your opinions or other ideas for a title.

  • The Compromise
  • Every Second Counts
  • Everything Changes
  • The Final Incident
  • One Last Time
  • Open Your Eyes

But I suppose to help I might as well write the Prologue on here as well. And please give me criticism on this prologue (I am not doing it backwards this time) but I wrote it in my car when I got the idea, so I need it. Enjoy. :D

The time has come for me to run for my life...again. These near death experiences seem to lurk just around the corner for me all the time.

Why must people want my friends and I so badly to complete their plans? But this time around the group, whoever they were or whatever they were, are much more dangerous then the one's who were after us last time.

I wish I could just have a normal life, but it will never happen I suppose. Even my love life isn't normal.

But I do have Robert, Lydia, Doug, and Greg, along with some new help.
We will stop whoever this is, we did it last time and we will do it again.
No one could hold us down.

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  1. NICE :) lol, when i saw the title for your last book, i was like.. hmm Brand New Day... Fourty Foot Echo? haha, idk if u were talking about that one, but either way its a good title. The thing is... i dont name my stories until i finish... i always called them Untitled, or i use the main characters names in the title until i come up wth something really good. I like to see how the story plays out first, and maybe along the way I'll see a line i like that has a powerful meaning, and then thats what i use. Hope this helped :)