12 February 2009

Untitled - Chapter 3

Part II

I felt bad for running off on Sara like that, but I had more important things.
Jeniffer had texted me telling me it was urgent, besides I couldn't tell Sara the truth.
I didn't even really know her, I mean we just met a few hours ago, so how could I tell her that, besides my friends would kill me if I did.

I walked to Oliver's house, luckily he lived close to the University.
I ran inside the house (for some reason it was unlocked) "What's going on? What is so urgent?" I practically shouted.
"SURPRISE!" And about 30 people jumped from behind the tables and sofas.
A surprise party, crap, I had wished they didn't remember it was my birthday, but they obviously did.
Jeniffer and Oliver (my two best friends) walked over.
"Happy birthday," they both said in sync.
"Thanks, you guys didn't really need to do this."
"Yes we did and we know you love it," Jeniffer said sarcastically.
I nodded.
"Okay cake time!" Oliver shouted so everyone knew to run to the dining room.
They completely went overboard with the decorations in the house. Everywhere was scattered with balloons, banners saying "happy birthday" and party favors.
Oliver came carrying the HUGE cake, which I knew was my favorite of red velvet with cream cheese icing.
"Okay Jeniffer light the candles," Oliver said.
She began staring intently on the 20 candles and they slowly began to come to life. (Jeniffer had Pyrokinesis or she could create fire with her mind, Oliver on the other hand could read minds). Slowly the "Happy Birthday" song came to life, when it was finished everyone was chanting "make a wish."
So I did, which was, well I can't say, it ruins the wish. Then I took a deep breath and let it out and surprisingly blew out all the candles in one go.
Then they slowly began to re-light.
They used the trick candles on me.
But then i glanced at Jen who was grinning like and idiot. I hated having a pyro during things like this.
So I blew them out... again and gave her a glare, so she wouldn't do it again. Luckily she didn't.
"Hey, happy birthday man," one of my other friends, Jones said.
"Thanks, glad you could come," said I.
"No problem. Wow 20, geez I am still so young compared to you," Jones remarked.
"Your only 3 years younger. Not that big of a difference.
Jones and I had become friends, because Jen is his sister. But we were definitely not that close, compared to Oliver and Jen.

Well my party lasted a few more hours, but I had class the next day, so I needed to go and study.
I thanked everyone who came and especially Olli and Jen for the surprise and headed for my dorm.
I had lucked into having my own dorm, because my roommate had dropped out and they never found a replacement, so I enjoyed the alone time.
I pulled out my Art History book and tried to study, but my mind kept drifting to Sara. I went back and forth in my head, whether I should tell her what I was about and why I hated my adopted parents so much, but I decided it could wait.
I still wasn't sure who I could trust.

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