11 February 2009

Untitled - Chapter 1

"Sara, come on, we are going to be late," Lydia called from the living room.
Ugh, school and an 8 o'clock class.
"Yeah, I'll be out in a minute," I yelled back.
She sighed.
I had made her late to class before, but I don't know why she waits for me.
I began to feel something in my head, then I stopped what I was doing, grabbed my back pack and stepped out the door. It frustrates me so much when she does that to me.
Lydia is my best friend, who can by the way influence peoples mind, which is what she just did. She rarely did it but I guess she didn't want to be late... again.
"You know I really hate when you do that," I mumbled.
"Well I really hate being late," she said calmly.

We walked to the University, our apartment was only a 5 minute walk to school.
Lydia and I shared the apartment with my boyfriend Robert, Lydia's boyfriend Doug and his twin brother Greg. Yes, it was a weird group, but only 9 months ago we were being controlled by insane people, who wanted us as weapons to help create a new society.
Luckily we stopped the R.F.I. and hopefully AMICAL as well.

St. Edwards University was a beautiful campus, especially on days like this. The sun was rising and it was clear blue skies, so the way it shined off the trees and the extremely green grass, it looked like a picture. The school had buildings that to me looked like a castle, but it was more like a catholic church. It also had very modern buildings as well, but it definitely was an awesome atmosphere.

Lydia and I walked into our Psych class, I was so relieved when I knew her and I had taken classes together, it made me feel so much more comfortable, because I still hated new experiences.
Her and I never sat next to on another though, mainly because we always end up distracting each other. So I sat in a new seat, because my usual was taken.
"Um...d...do you have a pencil I could borrow?" came from the voice next to me.
Whoa, deja vu. Why is there always a guy next to me asking for writing utensils.
This guy had very light brown eyes, olive skin, and dark brown hair. He looked familiar and for some reason reminded me of Robert. But I had never seen him before, maybe he was new? He probably just reminded me of him, because he asked a similar question, like Robert did when I first met him.
"Yeah," I reached into my bag and pulled out a pen, "is a pen alright?"
He just nodded and I handed it to him.
He seemed so nervous, maybe he was like me and didn't like new things.

After our lecture was over, I headed out the door to meet up with Lydia, when I heard that guy say something. I turned my head and he had my pen extended for me to take.
"Th...thanks again," he stumbled out.
"No problem. Oh by the way, I am Sara," I held out my hand.
"I'm Kieron," he said as we shook hands.
"So are you new here?"
"Yeah, well to this class anyway, I changed my schedule."
"Oh, cool," I couldn't think of anything better to say. Then there was an extremely long and awkward silence until he blurted out, "do you maybe want to go and get a coffee?"
"Uh..." I glanced at Lydia, who was still waiting for me, but she was giving me a weird look, like I shouldn't be talking to this guy, "maybe some other time," I didn't want to completely say no, he looked too nice.
"Oh okay," he said as his face fell, "well I will see you around right?" he hoped.
I just nodded and headed to where Lydia was.
"And who was that?" she demanded, she was still a gossip queen.
"Just some guy, his name is Kieron. I don't really know him."
"Mhmm, sure," she said sarcastically.
"Whatever," and we headed back to our apartment.
My next class was at noon, so I had some down time.

We stepped into the living room. There was a long dark blue couch in the middle facing a flat screen T.V. (We all pitched in for it, besides Greg and Doug are loaded), and a glass coffee table in the middle.
We didn't have much furniture.
Robert was in the kitchen making his breakfast, which of course was cereal. He never worked on Mondays, but Greg and Doug did, they must have already left to the garage.
"Hey, how was class?" Robert greeted.
"Good, but you better watch out, Sara was totally chatting up some guy," Lydia stated.
Robert's face went from happy-go-lucky straight to jealousy.
"Was not, he asked to borrow a pencil, then after class he returned it and we just introduced ourselves. That's it," I didn't mention the coffee bit, didn't need Robert even more jealous.
"Well," he said as he mockingly stroked his chin, "it seems guys like to hit on Sara by asking for something to write with," he smirked, "I did, if you remember," he glanced at me.
"Psh, that was not hitting on or flirting, besides you didn't talk to me until like a week later."
"Yes, but when I did, I asked you out," he walked over and gave me a kiss.
I rolled my eyes, but smiled at him. I am glad he wasn't mad at me.
"You do know it will be a year since that date next week," Robert said.
"I know and it has been a year since I moved too. It is so weird to think about, I mean next month in November it will be a year since..." I drifted off, I didn't want to say it.
He just nodded, then went to eating his cereal.
"Sara can I talk to you?" Lydia was pulling me by my arm into her room.
"I guess I have no choice," I laughed out.
"There's something with that guy Kieron."

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