07 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 11

Part III

Chapter 11:

"Hi," I said.
He looked at me like I was a ghost.
"S...Sara? What are you doing here?" He looked totally freaked.

Lydia told me he would do that. I still didn't know why I was here. All she told me was that I had to come to this coffee shop, because it would save Robert. Why did she want to help him? I still didn't know, but I couldn't turn her down. So I came here and wore a green shirt, just as Lydia had instructed.

"Lydia sent me," he still looked too shocked, "what is going on Robert?" I hoped he would know.
"I thought you would know... why did you make me come then?"
"Look, all Lydia told me was if I came here that I could help you. And really that's all she said, besides wear a green shirt."
"So Lydia is doing this... but why?" He had a look of deep concentration on his face.
"Oh! That reminds me, I was supposed to text her that you got here all right." I pulled out my phone and told her.

Twenty minutes later, a silver Jeep pulled up, it was of course Lydia.
She didn't get out of the car, just motioned for us to get in the car.
"I thought Lydia hated you?" I asked Robert right before we got up.
"Well she kind of does... I will let Lydia explain herself, because I still do not know what's going on."
That makes two of us.
"Get in, hurry," Lydia practically shouted.
I wonder what is going on. Does this have to do with that organization, the R.F.I. or whatever.

"Lydia, what is going on! Tell me now!" Robert was still kind of freaking out.
"Hey! I am helping you here, so don't get angry with me," she said trying defend herself.
"Okay, okay, look I had to go to The Facility yesterday, because my mom had some business to take care of..."
What is The Facility? What are they talking about?
"... I then overheard Andrew and some other members, saying you were losing your talent..."
What! Oh wait....Focus!
"...then they said they were going to send you to AMICAL and you know what happens to people there."
"Are you serious? They said they were going to discuss what they were going to do and AMICAL wasn't one of the choices," Robert stated.
"Well of course they don't tell you that. What do you think people would do if they were told that's where they were going... people would try to escape."
"So that's why there isn't much security, because nobody tries to escape, when they don't know about AMICAL," he now had a look of understanding.
At least someone understood what was going on.
"Now you are getting it. Geez Robert, I thought you would have caught on faster."
"Hey, it's not my fault, besides I am still a little shocked, okay?"
"Fine," Lydia was worried.
Was she worried about Robert?
"What is AMICAL?" I decided to ask.
They both looked at me.
What did I say?
"It's this really horrible society of people with talents and they pretty much turn you into a... weapon. Like they... well... actually that's all I know about it... I wonder how they do that?" Robert questioned, mainly to himself.
"So how does Lydia know about his stuff," I needed to know.
She laughed, "Oh right, I forgot you don't know. Well you know about Robert, so you might as well know about me. I can influence people’s thoughts."
"Really? Uh... Can you influence my thoughts?"
I was really scared of her answer.
"No," she said this like I should have known that.
"How come?"
"Wait, you don't know?" Lydia asked.
"Know what?" I was confused.
"I thought you knew I couldn't influence you."
"Why would I have known that?"
"Because you can stop me or well that's what it feels like," she was confused.
Well so was I.
"I can? I swear I had no idea," this was the truth.
"Hm...," she thought about this for a long time.

"Where are we going, Lydia?" Robert asked.
We had been driving for maybe 3 hours and we hadn't really said a word.
"Away from Austin," Lydia stated.
"What! What about my family?" I said, scared of what I had gotten myself into.
"Look, I took care of it, but it's not safe for Robert, okay? Or do you want to find your own way back?"
I said nothing.
"That's what I thought"
"What about my family?" Robert questioned.
"The R.F.I. will report you as a runaway, they will search the area for a day, then probably come up with some lie to tell your parents about why you never showed up....sorry," she said sympathetically, like she knew what he was going through.

I fell asleep when we were outside of Waco, when I awoke it was night time and we just crossed Texarkana.
Wow, I wonder how far we are going? Then I thought about what just happened. The guy I was falling in love with, was an escapee, my friend also had a crazy ability and now I was on the run with them. How did my life get flipped upside in less than a month?

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