06 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 8

Chapter 8:

"Robert!" Lydia shouted in the phone. "You know you’re supposed to be here right now, it's Tuesday or did you forget?" She was really annoyed with me today.
"I know, I'm just running a little late, I will be there in 10 minutes."
"Fine," and she hung up.

Tuesday is the day that we meet at the R.F.I., it is pretty much like a group therapy session. We talk about what is going on with our talent and different things that have happened in the past week. I hate Tuesdays, especially now, since I told Sara the truth. How do I lie to my group? I have never done that before, but I had to, to protect Sara. I don't know what the R.F.I. do to normal people who know about them and I did not want to find out.

"Finally, we have been waiting for you," of course it came from Lydia.
"Nice of you to join us," said Perry. He's the group leader and he can move objects with his mind, (he thinks he is the greatest man alive because of it).
I took my seat without acknowledging their comments.

"Okay, Robert it is your turn to talk," Perry stated.
Damn. What do I tell them?
"Uh, well... my visions have been weird lately. They have been kind of like flashes of light and random pictures that don't really... make sense," I had no idea why this was happening, but oh well. "And also I have been having some really bad headaches, because of it."
"Really? So you haven't been able to see the future about anything?" asked a younger member named Jones.
"No, not really." And that fact was so frustrating, this thing had never happened ever in my life, so why now?
"Well maybe we should send you to The Facility. They can check and see what’s wrong," Perry suggested.
The Facility is where they send the defects when they will be of no use to the R.F.I.
I wonder what they do with them.
I shuddered at the different images that came into mind.
"You know, I can handle it. I probably just have too much on my mind right now. With it being my last year and everything," I said quickly trying to get them away from the original idea.
"Well I'll discuss it with Dave and we will decide and let you know," Perry said.
Dave is the Head of the Institute, I know he will make them send me to The Facility.
Why couldn't I just keep my big mouth shut?
"Fine," I mumbled.

When I was heading to my car, after the meeting, Lydia came up to me.
"What's going on with you," she asked.
"Nothing, just having a bad week is all," this was partially true.
"Why, does it have something to do with Sara?"
How does she know?
"Why would you think that?" This could be bad.
"Well I know you guys went on a date Saturday, she lied to me saying it was some guy, but I KNOW when people are lying to me," she was upset about something, I could hear it in her voice.
"I asked her because I felt bad about the way I treated her one day, that's all." This was a bit of a lie. I really like Sara and I wanted to ask her, so I used that as an excuse.
"Sure," she didn't believe me.
"Well if you’re so worried, why don't you make her tell you," I wanted to know whether she could influence Sara.
"I tried, but it doesn't seem to work. Like sometimes I feel like I am getting through, but then it's like she knows what I am doing and stops it."
Wow, so she can't. That is awesome!
How can Sara do that? Does she have some talent as well? I think she's the reason my visions have been so messed up lately. When I am near her, they get more jumbled up, like she is messing with them, so I can't see. But does she know she can do this?

I got home, still pondering about Sara, when my phone rang. Perry called to let me know Dave decided he wanted me to go to The Facility ASAP.

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