31 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 37


Chapter 37:

Well here I was, stuck in my head, while my best friend went to go find my other best friend and I was stuck here.
Sara left about 6 days ago, if they found Robert, then they should be here either today or tomorrow.

Chip took me down to the "control room," which is literally what it is. It is this huge room filled with people controlling others chips. Every time I came down here I wondered if just by pushing a button, all the computers would shut down; stopping their control on people. But I highly doubted it, they wouldn't be that dumb. Even if there was one, I couldn't do anything. I wished I was as strong as Sara; that I would move little parts of my body, but sadly I wasn't able to.
"Well it turns out they found 303," Perry stated.
"Great, are they on their way back?" Chip asked.
"Yes and they also got Greg and Doug Kirk. They should be arriving in an hour."
"Does the Head Director know?"
"Not yet."
"Well go and tell him instead of just standing around," Chip demanded. I seriously think Chip is bipolar.
"Yes, um... right on it 306," Perry said nervously.
I heard someone at a computer giggle.
That must be the one who is controlling Chip.
Oh yeah and I am Specimen 306. It has a nice ring to it, I think.
So Robert and Sara are on their way back. I wonder what happened? And what they will do to him and the Kirk boys?

It had been almost an hour and I was becoming super anxious. I still couldn't get the though of what might happen out of my mind.
It was really driving me crazy.
I was trying to see if I could get into Robert's or Sara's mind, but I didn't know where they were or if my talent worked from a distance. I couldn't pick anything up though.

Five minutes later, as Chip was taking me down this really long corridor to one of the hospital rooms, the fire alarm sounded, blaring above. Everyone began to scatter, searching for the exit. Chip ran straight to the stairs, to the ground floor and ran through the massive crowds that were going through the revolving doors to outside. There was about 300 of us standing around. I hoped everyone made it out, no matter how much I hated the R.F.I., I didn't want to see anyone hurt, if that makes sense. Chip began searching the sky for black smoke, but we saw none.
That's odd.
Then we heard sirens pulling closer, from out of the trees came about 5 police cars. I thought that normally it was the Fire Department who came first? Each cop car had two Police Officers, they ran out; bullet proof vests, guns, the whole thing. Then a minute later the SWAT team showed up.
Why do they need to be here, if it's just a fire?


  1. OH GOSH? What's going to happen. I NEED more. And I know you said in a few minute you were going to post the next part, but I can't WAIT! But that was REALLY good!

  2. whoa!! was not expecting that
    shame on me for giving up the computer!!!