07 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 12

Part IV

Chapter 12:

"Hey guys, time to get up," I nudged them both.
"Five more minutes," Sara said sleepily.
"Uh," was all Robert could get out.

We have been exhausted, going to a new city every day. We only got a hotel every couple of days, so we would just rotate who would drive. It had been difficult, but it didn't matter. We had to keep going.

"Breakfast is going to end soon and we need to get back on the road," I said anxiously.
"I'll just let the R.F.I. take me if it means I can get some more sleep," Robert mumbled.
It was like trying to get a kid out of a toy shop.
This whole trip, I felt like I was the mother of these two.

Finally they managed to get up, we got breakfast, and headed straight back on the road.
It had been exactly a week since Robert escaped and we were in Ontario, Canada. I didn't know when we could head back, but I just wanted to get away anyway.

"Lydia, can I ask you something," Sara asked.
"Why are you doing this?"
"Well...I don't totally hate Robert, okay? It's just... well I guess I am just jealous... I don't know."
"Jealous? Of me? Why?" Robert questioned, sounding astonished."
"Well you have this really cool talent..."
"Had," he corrected.
"You still can't see anything?" Sara asked.
"Not as much as I could see a week ago," he was definitely upset.
"Oh," was all Sara could say.
"Why else?" Robert questioned. He was very curious.
"Also because... of your family. You have two amazing parents to look after you," I hated talking about this.
"What about your parents?" asked Robert.
"Well they passed away when I was 7 and right after that my talent came. Then Perry from the R.F.I. found me and gave me to this couple, who work for the Institute. That's why I am always there... they drive me crazy. Like when were at home, all they do is work or they are out doing something, so I am always left by myself, feeling isolated." That felt good to get off my chest. "Also that's why I treat you like crap at school. And none of the other students like you, because of me," I said ashamed.
"You influenced the whole school?" Sara was pissed.
"Yeah, pretty much, besides you of course."
She had a smirk on her face, proud of her tolerance to my talent.
"Hm... I knew you had something to do with that... oh well," Robert said. Luckily he didn't sound too upset about it.
"Robert, I am sorry about that," I really did mean it. I have known Robert for so long and it always hurt me inside doing it, but I did it anyways.
"Don't worry about it, plus I didn't mind being by myself."

We decided to do a loop back into the United States and we were heading to Seattle.
I hate the rain.

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