15 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 27

Part XIV

Chapter 27:

I felt kind of bad for saying what I did to Robert. I really love him, but I will not have him lie or keep things from me, just because he thinks it is “protecting” me.

It had been a pretty lonely past few days. Lydia was in San Antonio and of course the whole ordeal with Robert.


I needed something to do.

So I decided on doing something I knew I shouldn’t.

But it might:

1. Make Robert tell me the truth.

2. Give me something to do.

I found the number Jones had given me right before we left.

I called him up and told him I would be going to the party tomorrow.

Even though I really disliked the guy, Robert may do something.

Jones was thrilled and even offered picking me up. But I didn’t want him knowing where I lived. So I just got directions and I would find it on my own.

It was New Year’s Eve and I was preparing for the party. When my phone rang, I picked it up and the screen said “Robert.”


I rejected it, I didn’t care. I didn’t want to listen to him right now.

I was at the party and it was in a giant field. There was a small barn about a mile from where we were and a forest behind us. They had some tables set up for food and drinks. There were also people sprawled out on blankets they brought and others had chairs. I had neither. And in the middle was a large bon fire.

I didn’t know anyone here, besides Jones. I began trying to pick him out of the huge crowd. There had to be at the least 200 people here.

Finally I spotted him in a chair near the fire.

“Hey you came. How awesome,” he said smugly.

“I said I would.”

“Where’s Robert?” He looked around.

“Not here. He decided on not coming,” it was true at least.

“Wow, you actually went somewhere without him,” he said amazed.

“Well he doesn’t know I’m here.”

“And why not?”

“We’re in a fight and so I didn’t feel I had to,” this was very true.

If Robert didn’t want to tell me anything, then I wouldn’t tell him I came here.

He shrugged, “whatever.”

About an hour later, at about 11:45 pm, Jones turned to me, “okay we better get ready, the show’s about to start… Let’s head over here to get a better view.”

We went over to the edge of the forest, where some other people were standing.

For some odd reason, I began to get a really bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

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