10 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 22

Part XI

Chapter 22:

Winter break just began yesterday. Sara, Lydia and I decided that we should throw a party. (Well it was really Lydia’s). I think she missed being surrounded by a lot of people. Like I know she cares about Sara and I, but no one can completely change overnight. So we chose to help.

Pretty much the entire school was invited; luckily we were a small school, with only about 300 students. But it was going to be at some banquet hall thing.

I wasn’t sure.

Party planning was not my specialty. We knew people would come, because Lydia decided to use her talent to get them here. (It was cheating, I know), oh well.

Everything was set up for the party tonight. All along the ceiling were Christmas lights. We even decorated the trees outside as well with lights and things. We got a DJ, there was a food table in the back corner, and we even had a chocolate fountain.


The place looked amazing.

It was 5:30, people should start coming in an hour.

I was strangely excited.

Maybe because it was my first real party and I even had a date.

Wow, I never thought that would ever happen during my high school career.

Sara walked in and she looked absolutely gorgeous. She literally took my breath away. How did I end up with a girl like her?

She was wearing a beautiful purple and white floral knee high skirt and a purple blouse, with black heels.

I think Lydia picked it out, but I didn’t care, she was beautiful.

I went up to her and gave her a kiss and told her how beautiful she was.

She blushed.

She looked even more amazing when that happened.

“I love you Sara,” I said as we were embraced in a hug.

“I love you too Robert,” she whispered in my ear.

Lydia came up behind us and cleared her throat. “Okay love birds, the party is about to start, so how about getting ready for them to come,” she practically demanded.

Sara blushed again.

I just wanted to kiss her again and hold her.

But we did need to help

“Okay,” I said back.

By 7, the place was full and music was blaring.

By 9, the place was crazy. Everyone was having a really good time.

At least it was a success.

At midnight, people slowly started filtering out.

Sara and I had been dancing, pretty much all night long. But I wasn’t exhausted in the least.


A vision.

It was flashes of fireworks, Sara being dragged somewhere. Then the last thing I saw was unbearable.

Sara was on an operating table, with Lydia standing over her, surrounded by Perry, Andrew, and other R.F.I. members.

This can’t be good at all.

Sara saw my freaked look, “are you okay?” she said worryingly.

“Um… I just need some fresh air. I’ll be right back,” I was really freaking out.

“I’ll come with you,” she suggested.

“No, I just want to be alone, real quick. Just give me a minute,” I said.

She had a look of sadness.

But I ran out needing air.

An operating table again?


Why does the R.F.I. want her so bad?

Why was Lydia there?

What was with the fireworks?

Maybe it would happen New Years Eve?

This was very frustrating.

I was debating whether to tell someone.

Do I tell Lydia? I probably should.

But I did not want Sara to know, it would just make her panic.

I will fix this.

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