10 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 15

Part V

Chapter 15:

It was dark.

My head was spinning and I had an excruciating headache.

I couldn’t move very well.

I was scrunched in a ball.

There were walls of some sort all around me.

I think I am in a cage.

Was I in the R.F.I. headquarters? Most likely.

Did Robert and Lydia get captured?

I saw them stick the needle in Robert. Lydia was in the bathroom when it happened. Hopefully she is not here.

I fell asleep.

It felt like hours since I fell asleep.

It was still dark. I still couldn’t move my body.

My stomach growled. It felt like it was about to start eating me.

How long have I been in here? Hours? Days?

Still no sign of anyone.

Sleep came again.

When I awoke, the light was so blinding that I kept my eyes shut.

I heard people murmur around me.

I was lying on a cold table.

I slowly opened my eyes, keeping them in little slits. Slowly my eyes adjusted.

I searched around; I was on an operating table with my arms and legs strapped to it. I was in a hospital room.


“Well good job Jones. She looks like she will be a perfect specimen,” said a weird bald, pale man with really dark eyes.

“Thanks. Yeah I overheard Lydia and Robert saying how she could stop their talents. So she must be good,” said the guy called Jones.

“Perfect,” said the creepy guy. “Howard, call in the doctor and Melissa, we need to get to work soon.”

This definitely was not good.

Then I was asleep again.

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