10 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 21

Part X

Chapter 21:

I decided I would tell the other students and my teachers that I was out of town. All three of us will have a ton to make up, but oh well.

We all walked in together. Robert and I were holding hands. Lydia looked pleased, she had decided on changing her ways with Robert at school. She wouldn’t influence anyone; just let the other students flip out when they see all of us, (which happened a lot).

Lydia’s group walked past totally dumbfounded. But then they just stalked off, (looks like she’s out of the group), but she kept smiling.

Things had changed so much in a month.

Lydia didn’t really ‘run the school’ anymore, mainly because she only said that when she was influencing everyone, but not anymore. Robert and I were together and I was so happy. All three of us were like best friends. We had been through so much together over the past few weeks. It felt weird being here at school, but in two weeks we would be on break for the holidays.

The first week back, felt like it took forever and I got a HUGE stack of work.


Lydia, Robert and I decided to go to Robert’s house after school. We all loved hanging out and talking.

“So since tomorrow is Tuesday, will we be going to our meeting?” Robert asked Lydia.

“I wonder what they would do if we showed up,” she questioned.

There was a moment of silence and we all bursted out laughing, thinking of all the possibilities.

“Do you think they will try and get us back?” I asked a bit worried.

“If they wanted to, they would have done it by now,” Lydia stated.

This was true; they had plenty of opportunities, but what if they were waiting for something.

I decided to stay quiet; I didn’t want to share my paranoia’s.

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