06 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

"Hey Sara!" I heard from behind me as I was walking to my car. I looked back and it was Lydia.
"Hi Sara, what are you doing now?"
"Um, going home, why?" I was a bit nervous for her response.
"Well, because I figured we could go shopping and then maybe go to this really cool club and you could meet a really cute guy," she said as if very proud of herself for coming up with such an awesome idea.
I hate shopping and she probably only wants me to go, because she hates how I dress (I know this because I overheard her saying it to her friend Carolina.) And she wants me to forget about Robert, but I can't. The last time I spoke to him was during our horrible conversation about the book he was reading. But I still couldn't get him out of my mind.
"Well actually I have plans tonight," yeah I am going to sit in my room, eating ice cream, while surfing the internet. Now that is my kind of Friday night.
"Doing what?" she asked rather annoyed.
"My parents are taking me to a... party with some of their colleagues." Yeah that sounds good, she would buy it right?
"Yeah right, who would want to go to boring work party?"
"I love their parties, besides clubbing is not really my scene." The last part was true.
"Well still you should totally get some new clothes and maybe some... um... new shoes."
Ha. I was wearing my favorite optical white converses, which I have had for five years. These babies were going nowhere.
"I quite like my shoes and clothes."
She snorted "Whatever," and Lydia walked away.
Oh thank goodness.
"Hey," I heard behind me.
Uh, what now?
I turned and there was Robert staring at me.

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