06 January 2009

Brand New Day - chapter 5

Chapter 5:

It’s Saturday, with only two hours until the time that Robert and I agreed on meeting at the South Congress Café for dinner.
I was shaking I was so nervous. What will we talk about? Will he like what I am wearing?
I called Lydia to help me with my outfit. My mom and she both wanted me in a dress, but I didn’t even know if this was the type of dinner to wear a dress to.
So I decided on a pair of skinny dark jeans, with gray boots and a silk blouse (which I decided to cover with a black cardigan). Lydia wasn’t pleased but I didn’t care; besides she had a party she was going to so she left.
She had asked me why I was doing this and I lied and said that I met this guy James at the party with my parents last night and he asked me to dinner tonight.
Luckily she believed my lie.

Time was taking forever.

Finally it was two hours later and I headed to the restaurant.
When I got there, he was waiting outside, looking gorgeous as usual, but he had a slightly worried face.
He was wearing pretty much the same thing as yesterday, but instead today he was wearing a royal blue button down shirt. It fit so perfectly with his skin tone.

“Hi Sara, wow you look beautiful.” My heart fluttered and I had to catch my breath.
“Well you look very handsome yourself,” I said although I felt really stupid for trying to sound smooth.
He opened the door for me and we got a table for two and he even held the chair out for me.
Well let’s see with Robert he is:
1. Gorgeous.
2. Has great taste in books and clothes.
3. Is a gentleman.
What more to love. And I wonder why kids at school don’t like him?

Our meals came, he ordered spinach pasta shells and I got an eggplant parmigiana. He didn’t want to order anything with meat, since he knew I was a vegetarian. See what I said about gentleman.

The dinner was amazing, he paid for everything. Then we headed to the movies to see some new comedy, I wasn’t really paying attention to the film.

The film ended around ten p.m. and he asked if I wanted to go for a walk in the park. (How cliché) But I didn’t care.
“Sure,” I said very excitedly.

We were walking through this beautiful moonlit pathway in the park, when he turned to me and started a little uneasy, “Sara… I need to tell you something.”

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