31 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 38

Part XIX

Chapter 38:

Sara, Doug, Greg and I got into Portland at around 3 pm.
We had Jones call and tell them we were coming back, he said he wanted to help. We weren't so sure, we decided to take precautions and had weapons ready. Mark was still drugged and unconscious.
Before leaving we called the Police about the R.F.I. and I guess it had checked out, because when we made it into Headquarters, they had it surrounded. But Greg and Doug got some of their "friends" to come and help out. We were loaded with all sorts of guns and other weapons, ready to take them on.
We stormed the building. Doug went and pulled the fire alarm, which was perfect. Greg and I split up and took a group of about 20 people with us. He went for the leaders, like Perry, the Head Director, and the Board members. And my group headed for the room where they are controlling everyone.
We ran down to the basement, the door was locked, but we broke it down. Who cares anyway. I was searching for a way to stop everything, without having to go and shut down each computer separately. One of the guys with me pointed to the wall. I looked up and what do you know; a giant red button.
It looked tempting, like something you shouldn't push.
So I went over, slowly rested my hand on it and with one slight press on it, all the computers cut to black, along with the lights.
Geez they really made that too easy.
Another guy came with explosives, "are we ready for it?" he asked.
"Not yet, we have to wait for Greg to give us the signal," I said.
I pulled out the Walkie Talkie that Greg and I each had, and held it up to my mouth, "are we ready Greg?"
"Yes, we got 'em all. The SWAT team came and helped out as well. Everyone has cleared the building, so if you guys are ready, then do it," he said back.
"Okay," I announced back through to Greg.
"So let's do this thing," everyone in my group nodded, "how long do we have to exit before it goes off?"
"Approximately one minute," the explosive guy said.
"Okay get it ready, the rest of you, get ready to run."
They nodded again.
Explosive man set it and the minute he hit the button and it started the countdown, we busted though there. We didn't waste time on the elevators, we just went straight to the stairs. We were weaving through hallways and random chairs and things, that had been left in the chaos. Finally in which felt like forever, we reached the Lobby and darted through the doors.
Outside was filled with hundreds of onlookers wondering what was about to happen, when all of the sudden....
The ground shook under everyone's feet and slowly flames made their way through the building.
Yes, we did it.
Doug ran up to me, "hey they got everyone. Greg and the SWAT put all of them in these trucks and now they are off to prison. Supposedly the Police had been hearing things about an organization planning a massive attack. We just led them to it, so it worked out better than we expected."
"Great, so do we know if the chips are working or -"
"Hey," Lydia said, interrupting my question.
"So... no more chip controlling you?"
She shook her head and pulled me into an embrace, "thank you so much Robert," she slowly let go, "and thank you..."
"Yes, thank you Doug."
He began to blush, then Lydia went and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then his face really turned as red as a tomato.
I chuckled and he just glared at me.
"Where's Greg?" I asked.
"He went to go get Sara from the lot. He figured y'all would want to see each other after you saved the day," he said sarcastically.
I rolled my eyes.
"Sara!" Lydia shouted.
I turned and saw her running towards us.
She ran up and grabbed Lydia and I both into a huge hug.
"I'm so glad we are all alright," she whispered.
"Me too," Lydia and I both said at the same time.

A/N: So there really is a type of button, that can turn of all the power in a room. We have one in my physics class, just in case you thought I was being cheesy with the big red button thing. Also there will only be two more chapters left of the book after this. XD


  1. Awe... that was SO GOOD? So, is that the happily ever after, or is there another chapter, epilouge, don't leave me hanging! =]

  2. wow... that was REALLY good... i could never write a book that fast lol