10 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 14

Chapter 14:

“It also means that they know you’re here,” I said to Sara.

“So what do we do?” Sara was truly afraid.

I would be too, if I were her.

“Well really we have two options. Get the heck out of here, but if they knew we would be here, before we even got here, then they will probably know where we go next. Or we stay and see what will happen. Either way, I think they will know where we are,” I said.

“So we are pretty much screwed,” Robert said.

“Yeah pretty much.”

“I think we should stay, maybe we could stay with one of my old friends,” Sara suggested.

“But we don’t want to endanger anyone else,” Robert was upset.

Probably because he knows that she is in danger.

“Is there a headquarters for the R.F.I.,” asked Sara.

“Yeah…it’s… well … it’s,” I wasn’t sure; I know I heard about it, but never its location.

“…It’s here in Portland,” Robert said, pointing to the pamphlet, “it says so in here.”

They want us to go; it had to have been them who did the report on the news. They wanted us to come to Portland, to them and we did exactly that.

Man, we really made it too easy.

“Okay, I think we should find a hotel for tonight and tomorrow we will go to the headquarters,” I suggested. They both nodded, happy for another few hours of peace.

It was two in the morning. I could not sleep at all, I was just thinking about tomorrow or I mean today.

Sara and Robert were in like a dead sleep. At least someone could.

Four in the morning, still no sleep. I got up and went to the bathroom.

The next second, I heard a loud BANG come from outside.

Uh oh.

Then a muffled scream.

Everything was like someone had switched life to slow motion.

I ran out of the bathroom, switched on the light. There was Robert, sleeping? No, drugged.

And Sara was gone.

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