10 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 13

Chapter 13:

We were in a book shop in Seattle. Sara wanted to go get some books to stock up on for our journey. I think I saw the Twilight Series, some books with kids with wings on it, I think it was like Maximum Ride or something like that and some other ones I had never heard of.

We had been in Seattle for 2 days, our longest stay in any city. I think it was because both Robert and Sara loved it up here, with the rain and wind.

Uh! It was terrible, but I might as well let them enjoy.

I know Sara was especially excited, because she used to live only a few hours from here.

I think we will have to make a stop in Portland.

We were watching television in our room, when they did a report on 3 runaway kids from, what did you know, Texas.


Now was this our parents doing or the R.F.I. I thought I took care of Sara’s parents, they wouldn’t know she was missing. How did the R.F.I. know about all 3 of us, if it was them? Or maybe it was 3 other runaway kids from Texas. I mean we weren’t kids anymore, all being 18 years old.

“So what are we going to do now?” asked Robert.

“I still haven’t figured that out yet,” I said truthfully.

“We should go to Portland,” suggested Sara, (of course).

We left for Oregon the next day.

Sara was practically bouncing in her seat with excitement.

“I can’t wait… I will get to see my friends…my old house… my old school…”

The list went on for what felt like the entire trip.

Our first stop was Sara’s old house.

We pulled up, no one lived there, and it looked like it had been years since it had been occupied, but it was only about 5 weeks since Sara and her family lived here.

What had happened?

Sara was thinking the same thing, I could tell.

We stepped through the door, which was unlocked. (Weird).

The place looked like it was about to collapse. Windows were broken, there were cracks everywhere. It was like someone had come in and just trashed the place.

She headed to her old room, I assumed, upstairs. A minute later she came running down with a box in her hands.

Uh oh.

Robert went over to her and took the box from her. He was always being very protective of her.

“Let me open it,” he demanded.

Sara and I both did not want that job.

“What’s in it?” Sara questioned.

“A pamphlet… on ‘The Rick Faire Institute,’” Robert announced, reading the title off the paper.

“What does it mean?” Sara asked.

I jumped in, “it means they know were here.”

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