06 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 9

Chapter 9:

I was going down a long windy road in the Texas Hill Country, heading to The Facility. I had a driver taking me in a black BMW. They are getting fancy, nice car AND a driver, wow, I was impressed with The Institute.

They pulled me out of school for a week and told the school that I had the flu and would be out the whole week. I wish I could have told Sara where I was going, but I didn't get the chance and besides it would probably make her worry.
It had been over a week since I told her the truth and she had asked some more questions, like "is the future always certain?" To some degree, but it can always change. And "have you always had this ability?" No, it came when I was about 7, I started to see images and then minutes later they happened. Like if a cup was about to spill, I would see it and then it would happen. When I told my parents, they knew straight away who to call, The R.F.I. I still didn't know how they knew about it, but we never discuss the R.F.I. or my talent at home.

Two hours later, we were at a huge building with very few windows (it looked like a prison), how ironic.

When we entered I was met by Andrew (the Head of The Facility).
"So Mr. Mason, I hear you are having some problems with your talent lately?"
He freaked me out so much. He had dark, piercing almost black eyes, bald and very pale. He was always in an Armani suit.
"Well sort of, they just have been a bit... jumbled lately," I was hoping they would just think that 'oh it's no problem then, well you can go home,' but of course that would never happen.
"Let's take you down to Susan and run some tests," he was pleased.

For four days straight, I have been on treadmills, being shown cards, and testing my visions by numerous people. And every time it went nowhere. What is wrong with me?
Maybe after so many years, this ability starts to diminish, but why now?
I can't even see what will happen in a minute, which used to be a piece of piss, but not anymore.
Uh! It was so frustrating.

At the end of day five, Andrew met with me.
"Well Mr. Mason, it seems we are making no progress with you," he now was giving me a deep stare, like it was my fault. "So the board and I are meeting today to discuss what to do. Whether to keep you in the R.F.I. and hope your visions come back, keep you here for more testing, or send you home and you will be terminated from The Institute."
Why can't my visions just come back!
I wonder how they terminate you? Death? Some pills to make you forget all about these places? Or let you go scott free, (no that was too good).
"Is there anything you want to say, before I go in the meeting?" Andrew asked, hoping for something good.
Now I was debating, let them go in there and decide my fate without saying a word or tell them about Sara.
"Um, no, not really," I couldn't endanger her.
"Okay then, we will be meeting in an hour and then soon after we will let you know. For now though you may wait in your room."

This will be an unbearable hour.

I headed for my room (more like cage, there was no room). I got to my bed and there was a note lying on the pillow, addressed to me.

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