26 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 32

Chapter 32:

I was stuck with this entity in my body, forcing me to where it wanted to go.

I wish I could struggle or fight it, because right now Robert is in there changing into what I am and I couldn’t let that happen.

I knew I could feel my talent, but I didn’t know if I could use it. I wondered if I was able to stop Robert’s visions, then maybe the R.F.I. wouldn’t want him, but maybe that would make them want to upgrade him even more. I was stuck. What would help? How could I stop this?

What I needed was to get my body back and then maybe I could do something, but how? I tried to force myself in, to try and feel my muscles and limbs, but all I got was emptiness. I needed to get this chip out of me. That would probably do something, but how would I do that?

For me these moments made me laugh, not for the entire situation, but because I used to always have these internal wars. Fighting with my thoughts and now it was the only I could do. To me it was very ironic.

I was stuck going where my body took me, when I heard Robert’s name, but my body kept walking.


Okay, I tried as hard as I could to push myself back into my body, just so I could hear what was being said. I pushed and struggled, then….. I was in. I moved my fingers and started walking back to where I heard the voices. That was way too easy.

Then I was on the ground shaking.

They had shocked me, but how?

I was in excruciating pain, and then it was over.

But now I was being hoisted into a room, by two huge men, I was unable to see their faces though, because I was too dazed from the electric current that just went through me.

The room I was dragged to was a large lab looking place with over 100 computers lined up all around and each one was occupied by a person.

Jones stepped into view, “well, well, well. Sara you seem to be getting stronger all the time.”

I smirked.

“But you do realize we monitor your every move and control that chip in you. The minute the chip is taken over by the body’s mind, it sends an alarm right back to us here. And we give them a little shock, did you like that part?”

So this is where it happens, if I could just somehow get control of this room, then I could stop everything.

“How many people are you controlling here,” I asked.

“Well we have 200 computers in here, with each person controlling about 10 chips. So that is 2,000 people. But we have these setups all over the country and the world.”

“Is Robert and Lydia being controlled here?”

“Do you think you can save them?” he shook his head, “well you can’t, because you will not be able to get anywhere near this room again.”

Then there was a needle in my arm and I was asleep again.

When I awoke I was back to my head and unable to move.

They upgraded me…again.


My chip was talking to Lydia. It didn’t even sound like us, but then again it wasn’t. I didn’t pay attention to what they were saying and frankly I didn’t care.

I was thinking about whether or not Lydia could communicate with me. I know she can put things into your head, but I could stop it. Maybe if I could stop blocking her, she could get in.


I felt the shield around my mind going down.

Come on please work.

“S…Sara, am I in? God I have been trying to talk to you for hours,” she thought into my mind. “Okay I know you can’t say anything back, but try and move something so I know you can hear me.”

Crap, how do I do this without getting that shock again?

I pushed and felt myself going into my muscles and my limb; I was back in my arm. I could feel the boundaries that my chip restricted. As long as I didn’t burst through it, then I would be alright.

Slowly I lifted my hand, but I felt that restriction about to bust, so I sucked back into my head.

“Oh thank goodness, your still here. And you’re strong, you can move slightly. Are you alright? Oh yeah you can’t answer. Well what do we do? Hm… how are we going to get Robert out? Should we get ourselves out first and then him or the other way around? Sorry I keep asking questions. Let’s get us out first, and then help him.”

I slowly pushed and winked at her.

She laughed at that.

Now how do we get us out without being upgraded again?


  1. OMG!!! I can't wait to figure out what they do!!! Hurry up and finish the next one!

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    tell what happens
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