19 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 29

Part XVI

Chapter 29:

This was officially the worst day of my life.

About a week ago, I left to go to San Antonio.

I lied to Sara saying I had relatives there, but seriously if I had some, I would be living with them and not with my psycho adopted parents.

So I was on my way to San Antonio, mainly just to get away from everything, to be alone. The holidays were always horrible for me, since my parents died and having all the memories of them. Every Christmas, I would run into my parent’s bedroom and jump on them to wake up. My dad would carry me into our living room, and then he would let me open the presents in my stocking. Meanwhile my mom would make cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. I was always spoiled rotten on Christmas, especially since I was an only child. But with my adoptive parents, I walk down the stairs to see a card and a couple of unwrapped presents and a note saying they had to work. And it was nice this year to be with Sara and her family, but it brought back memories of my family, which made me feel like my heart would explode with sadness. So I needed to be alone.

But on my way to my destination, I was pulled over for speeding, (which I wasn’t.) The cop came to the window; he had the cliché mustache and aviator sunglasses. He had dark brown hair and tan skin, but he was like a robot, which was really creepy. He then asked me to step out of the car, which normally they do not ask when you speed, but I obliged. The minute I stepped out of the car, I was unconscious and being dragged to where I am now.

Headquarters in Seattle.

I had been unconscious for 2 days and when I woke up I was in a hospital bed, unable to move.

Now here I was, unable to control or move anything in my body. All I could do was think and listen, so what I got was the R.F.I. had put a chip in my neck, which they use to enhance your talent, but erase all emotion. They believe they eliminated my mind, but they didn’t. If I could smile, I would have at this thought. I knew it was the same thing they tried to do to Sara, but failed miserably. Mainly because Sara was way too strong. I wasn’t that strong, but at least I could think. On the other hand, I was forced to do things that I could not stop, which brings me to why this is the worst day of my life.

Here I was standing in a hospital room, gazing down at a body, that the R.F.I. was about to change over into their weapon and I was the one overseeing the progress of the body.

And the person I was looking at was….Sara. I could do absolutely nothing to stop this either.

The chip that was in me can make me talk. Well not me, but my voice. This chip is smart and was built for building new ones and destroying anything in its path. Like the chip (which I shall call Chip), makes decisions on what it is programed to do, just has no feelings. So Chip here is monitoring the progress of one of my best friend’s change into one of them.

But the question I had was why do they want her? Like they are obviously taking people with talents, but Sara doesn’t technically have one.

I also knew that Robert would think I am helping them. Which I guess I am, because I cannot stop this from happening.


Chip began to speak through me, “I think Specimen 309 is coming together well. The chip looks like it is working; just do some more tests, before we let it loose.”

Uh, I hate how Chip calls her either Specimen or it; I just want to yell, “Her name is Sara!” But of course I could not.

The only good thing about Chip was that it would take me to meetings with the Head Director and the Board. So I would get all the details of their plan. Unfortunately they have yet to reveal anything useful.

But I was patient; I mean what else could I do.

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  1. wow!!!
    holy $4@#%*!!!!!
    i did not see that coming!!
    the whole Chip thing!!??
    it blew my mind
    as always you did an amazing job!!