06 January 2009

Brand New Day - chapter 7

Part II

Chapter 7:

I can't believe I told Sara what I was. I wonder what she is thinking, maybe she is thinking I am a freak? These questions haunted me the rest of the weekend. My parents knew something was up, but I sure as hell wouldn't tell them what it was.

Monday rolled around, finally. I would see Sara again.
I walked into Contemporary Issues, she wasn't there yet (of course), I always beat her to class.
She appeared and when she saw me, her face lit up. I felt my heart stop. Why does this girl have such an effect on me?
"Robert...h...how was the rest of your weekend?" she asked but stumbled a bit with her words. Did I freak her out?
"Good, just a bit uneasy is all," that was an understatement.
"Oh... because of what you told me?" she sounded sad.
"Sort of, I was just afraid of what you thought."
"Oh! We'll I thought it over a lot and it doesn't bother me in the slightest, but I do have a ton of questions."
Oh thank god, she doesn't think I am a complete freak.
"What’s one of your questions for me?"
I was a bit nervous.
"Well you said someone else knew besides your parents, who?"
Damn, she caught that.
"We'll obviously the R.F.I. know, but the other person...well... I can't say who it is, it's... uh..." What do I say, tell her, her best friend Lydia has some crazy power too and that the R.F.I. want to control her (probably for whatever they are cooking up).
"Its okay, I understand. You can't tell me, don't worry about it."
Relief spread though me.

We sat in silence for the rest of the class. I think she felt my unease. But my mind was elsewhere.
I wonder if Lydia was using her "talent" on Sara. Making her see what she wanted her to see.
Lydia can "influence" other people’s thoughts, putting it lightly.
If she wanted someone to jump off a cliff, she would just get in their mind and make them do it. Scary, I know.
Luckily she can't control my mind. No one has figured out why yet. Some say it's because we both have a mind power, so one can't get into the other. Whatever it is, I am thankful for it.
Maybe Lydia is using it on Sara, I mean Sara doesn't seem like the type of person to hangout in Lydia's crowd. Also the way she dressed on Saturday, that didn't seem like Sara. But if Lydia is influencing Sara, why is he with me? Lydia hates me, for many reasons, mainly because she can't get in my head. But what if she is snooping around in my life and ...
I was cut off by the sound of the bell.

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