27 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 34

Part XV

Chapter 34:

“So do you know where we’re going?” I thought. I could see Sara shrug a little. “Hm…guess we’ll find out.”

I have been stuck in my head for over 2 weeks now and it was driving me crazy. One thing I was semi happy about was school went back in session 2 days ago, so I lucked out of having to go, but that also meant loads of makeup work, if I ever got out of here. At least I could talk to Sara, even if she couldn’t say anything back, the small gestures she could do was her way of speaking to me.

Chip walked me into a large conference room, not the one from before, but a new one with pretty much the same layout as the other, except there were no windows.

At the front of the table was the Head Director, whose name escaped me, but it did begin with a B or so I thought. On opposite sides of him were board members; 3 women and 4 men, all around the same ages, I would guess all around their 40’s. Next to them were Perry, Andrew; from The Facility (I couldn’t think of why he was here), Jones, some other people who obviously worked for the R.F.I. and AMICAL, and there were about 6 other upgraded people besides Sara and I.

Why would they want all these people in a meeting together? What could have happened? Or better yet, what is going to happen?

The Head Director cleared his throat, “well we are here today because as you know our upgrades are failing. The bodies that are resisting have become too strong to even take to the new chip. So we must find a new way to implant in them or just something totally different to allow complete control.” Everyone in the room was nodding their head in agreement. “Perry have you found out any more about Specimen 303?”

“Well Sir…uh… we found out who the two men were who took him out, it was Doug and Greg Kirk. The chip in 303 was last recoded in Kentucky. We sent some men to go and find him, when they got to where the chip was located; it turned out to be a dumpster. So somehow they managed to get it out.”


“But we do have some very well trained private detectives out searching.”

“Good, because we cannot let what is happening here get out or else it all fails.”

Everyone nodded again.

Who was Specimen 303, it sounded familiar. I had a feeling it was Robert, but I couldn’t be sure. And who were Doug and Greg? Why would they help anyone and why were they in Kentucky?

“Do you think this guy who got away is Robert?” I questioned Sara.

She winked.

That was here sign for yes.

The Head Director began speaking again, “we must do everything in our power to get 303 back, is that clear?”

Nods again.

“Sir, I think I may know a way,” said Jones.

“And what would that be?”

“Sara,” he said poignantly.

Everyone turned to look at her.

“Sir, she would be able to get Robert near us. Even if he knows it is not her inside, he still wouldn’t want anything happening to her.”

So it was Robert.

“So if we get the location of the 3, then we will take Sara with us and lure him back. But we will have to monitor her very carefully.”

“Hm…that just may work.”

Jones grinned at this.

“Well let’s get moving,” the Head Director snapped.

“This could be very bad right?” I thought to Sara.

She winked.

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  1. wow that was great!!
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