21 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 31


Chapter 31:

“Sara…why?” Robert cried.

My voice started up, but it wasn’t me speaking, “see I took to the upgrade and you will too.” My voice sounded so robotic, so forced.

How did I let this happen?

If I hadn’t gone to that stupid party, I would be safe, able to control myself. This was the second time I had let this happen, but this time it was much worse, they really were able to fully control me.

When I was at that party and Jones and I headed to the edge of the woods, a group huddled around me and I knew that it was bad. Then I caught a glimpse of Robert running towards where I was. I had yelled out to him, relieved to see he came to where I was. But a hand was quickly shoved in my face and then I was being dragged through the forest. They decided to keep me conscious all the way to Portland and I don’t know why. Probably because they felt I wasn’t a threat, which is true, I wasn’t, I mean what I could I do to stop them; nothing. They put me into a hospital room, again. Drugged me and strapped my body to the bed. Then I woke up and I was walking and talking, but it wasn’t me doing it. It was that chip that Robert’s parents were talking about. At least I could still think, either this was supposed to happen or they just messed up. But Lydia was upgraded to and now Robert was about to as well.

I wish I could do something but I couldn’t.

Perry began to speak again, “well we have some more secrets that need to be revealed,” he looked at my parents when he said this.


Why do they have to be involved, if I could have, I would have screamed or cried, but that was impossible.

“James or Mary, you may begin.”

“Okay,” started my dad, “well first, we are your real parents,” my dad and mom both chuckled.

Even if I could have, I wouldn’t have laughed at that.

“When you were about…what…15?” he looked at my mom, she nodded, “yeah 15, the R.F.I. contacted us and said they wanted to do some tests. We were skeptical at first, but they offered us $10 million and a house if we…” he was interrupted by Robert.

“You literally sold your daughter to science? You let her become just some experiment? Both of you are just as bad as them,” he pointed at his ‘parents.’

Thank you, I was so happy he said something and it was exactly what I would have said.

My dad looked upset when he stated up again, “as I was saying, we needed it and we had no other options,” Robert was shaking his head, but kept his comments to himself, “and since we were already living in Portland it worked out perfectly. Do you remember when you had your bicycling accident?” He looked at me.

How could I actually answer, this thing in me didn’t know me or did it?

I felt my head nod.

“Well that is when the R.F.I. came and decided to put the first chip in you.”

“Hold on, I have a question,” of course it came from Robert, “why did they want her? She doesn’t have a talent.”

I was wondering the same thing, until I woke up here for the second time, because then I could really feel something different with me.

“Sara does have a talent, but when they worked on her, she was older than normal. It is normally done at a very young age, but they were trying something different. With her, since it was later, her talent didn’t develop fully, she didn’t even know she had one. But now, with the upgrade it is full blown,” it was still my dad speaking.

My mom just sat at the table, looking at her hands, like she was embarrassed.

“What is her talent exactly?” came from Robert.

“She is impenetrable; no one can get into her mind. Also she can stop anyone’s talent from happening. Like for example with you, since you see the future, you will not be able to see anything about her now and if she wanted, she could completely stop your visions for any amount of time. But not permanently.”

Perry chimed in, “that is why she is such an asset to the R.F.I. and AMICAL.”

There was a brief pause.

“…So what is the R.F.I. and AMICAL actually planning?” asked Robert.

Lydia and I of course were not saying a word.

I wonder if Lydia was still in her head or if she was completely erased?

“Well I suppose we might as well tell you,” he took a deep breath, “the people here who get upgraded lose all their emotions and thoughts, but enhance their talents. Everyone will be upgraded, I will be too. So when we get someone into power, we will begin the transformation and all citizens of the world will be more civilized and amazing. There will be no wars or violence, because there are no emotions fueling it. But technology and the capacity of life will dramatically increase with all the talents. We have institutes all over the world doing the same thing. Building a force to change the world.”

No, I cannot be a part of this; I have to stop this, but how?

“That is completely and utterly sick,” Robert said disgustedly, “you are taking away humanity, we won’t be human if you do that, just…uh…robots.”

“Good, the world will be a better place.”

“You guys are disgusting, “he spat.

“So I see you will not cooperate, we will just do it by force then,” Perry then called in back up. They walked in and escorted Robert out of the room. He was kicking and trying to wriggle out of their grasp.

I felt my heart break.


    cant believe the twists and turns that happened
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