11 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 24

Part XII

Chapter 24:

Christmas day.

My favorite day of the year. Not because of the presents, but for some reason everything feels right, my dad throws in some color to his wardrobe, my mom decides to look ‘ordinary’ and not like a housewife. (Robert told me what my mom reminded him of). I thought it was hilarious.

But this Christmas would be especially different.

Lydia was staying with us, so that added to the difference and this year I had a boyfriend, (who I would be going to see in a few hours). I was very excited.

We all gathered around in our very cramped living room. My dad was wearing a dark green turtleneck (see he added color), my mom was wearing a plain white shirt and jeans and Lydia and I were in our Christmas pajamas.

All four of us began to open our presents. My parents had given me a digital camera. A blue Nikon.

It was perfect.

I decided to get Lydia two things, first an IPod Shuffle; she needed a new way to carry her music. And I also got her a book on Manipulation.

I thought it was funny, so did Lydia.

My parents obviously did not understand.

She got me a gift card type thing to the local Theater. It was an amazing present. I loved theater.

That’s what I want to do when I’m older. Act.

Although I am very shy, when I get on stage, everything goes away and it’s like I’m a whole other person.

A few hours later, I headed to Robert’s.

Lydia decided to go visit some relatives, who lived in San Antonio, which was only an hour away. (I had no idea she had any other family). Oh well.

“Merry Christmas, sweetheart,” Robert whispered with his lips still to mine.

It gave me chills.

He ended up giving me a locket with the words ‘No one can ever take my love for you away.’ It was so cute. It was a play on the words I said to him when I woke up from my crazy coma like state.

I gave him a guitar.

It was my grandfather’s old guitar, still in perfect condition. I didn’t know the make, all I knew was it was good.

Robert was thrilled with it, he had been playing guitar for years and he had told me he needed a new one.

We were sitting outside on his patio. (One good thing about Texas, you can sit outside on Christmas, without freezing to death.) The grass was amazingly green; the trees had practically just started to shed its leaves. Beautiful orange and yellow were sprinkled all over the lawn.

“So tomorrow a friend of mine from the R.F.I. is coming over. I want you to meet him,” Robert announced.

“Who is he...? I thought you didn’t want to talk to anyone from there,” I questioned.

“I know, but Jones also hates the R.F.I., he doesn’t want anything to do with them.”

“Did you say Jones?” Could it be the same guy?

“Yeah, why?” He asked confusedly.

“This is a crazy question, but what is Jones’s ability?” I asked wanting more evidence.

“Um… he has like crazy hearing abilities. Like he can practically hear a conversation from a mile away.”


“I know this sound ridiculous, but there was a guy called Jones, who was there at the headquarters when I was taken.”

“What? No, Jones hates them,” he sounded flabbergasted.

“I know, but the guy Jones also said that he ‘overheard’ you and Lydia saying that I could stop you alls talents.”

“Well you cannot stop mine,” he mumbled.

But he didn’t say it quiet enough.

“What! Are you having visions again?” I began to raise my voice.

“Well…yeah…sort of,” he said really quiet, afraid of my reaction.

“And you didn’t think to mention it to me!” I was yelling now. “Did you tell Lydia?”

“Uh…yeah,” he said timidly.

“You tell her, but not me!”

“I didn’t want you to worry.”

“Why would it make me worry?” I asked suspiciously.

“Because of something I saw.”

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