15 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 28

Part XV

Chapter 28:

I was rushing.

I was going about 80 mph in a 45 zone, luckily there no cops around me.

I needed to get to that party now.

I had tried to call Sara earlier, but she had rejected it.

Then I had a bad feeling, not a vision, just that feeling you get right before something horrible happens. So I went to her house, but her mom had informed me she went to a New Year’s Eve party with some guy name Jones. When she said that, she smiled apologetically to me.

I knew I had a bad feeling.

So now I was going to stop my vision from happening.

It was 5 ‘til midnight and I hadn’t seen any fireworks yet, so maybe I still had time.

Then I saw a large group of people and a fire.

This must be it.

I pulled into a spot on the grass near all the other cars.

Then I was running.

Dodging and pushing people past me.

I got a lot of “hey” and “watch where you’re going,” but I didn’t even look back.

Crap, where could she be?

I tried her phone. Straight to voicemail.


I called Jones, nothing.

He probably knows I’m here.

Then the fireworks began.

Shooting and bursting. Bright colors filtered through the sky.

That was the fireworks from my vision, I was here. Which meant Sara was being taken right now.

I was sprinting again.

Then I looked to the edge of the woods, I saw a large crowd huddled. But I couldn’t pick Sara or Jones out. I ran to them anyway.

That’s when I heard my name and a scream.

“SARA!” I shouted.

“Rober…” and it was cut off.

It was Sara, I could tell.


My legs were pumping faster.

I ran past the crowd and straight into the forest.

I heard people running in front of me.

“Faster, GO faster,” I said to myself.

Now I was dodging trees, trying to see if I could see anyone.



“W…where am I?” I questioned in a low voice.

My head was killing me.

Then sun was shining on my face.

There was a large, swollen bump on my head.

While running through the woods, someone had popped out and knocked me unconscious and then dragged me to this barn.

“You are right where you need to be,” said a young voice.


I looked up and there he was staring right back at me.

I sat up, “where’s Sara? Tell me!” I yelled.

“You know Robert, you really need to keep a better eye on her. This is the second time you let this happen. Shame on you, you’re supposed to be a good boyfriend.”

“Shut up, just shut the hell up!”

He kept talking, as if I hadn’t said anything, “she could be with you right now, safe. If only you had told her what you had seen. Isn’t that funny, you try to protect her by not saying anything, but you only end up pushing her into the danger you saw,” he chuckled.

I couldn’t even look at him.

“Well at least now you can’t get to her. You’re stuck with me and now we can get the job done with her. Luckily Lydia is helping us.”

“What?” I knew I couldn’t trust her.

“I can’t believe you befriended her, you should have known she would do something like this. She’s the one who helped us get Sara and she will be the one overseeing Sara’s progress.”

“That’s not true,” I mumbled, beginning to feel tears running down my face.

“Oh but it is. If only you could see that.”

How do I get out of here this time?

I began to plan different escapes. They all included beating the crap out of Jones first.

Luckily he was the only one guarding me.


  1. wow that was an awesome story
    like im so surprised that Lydia was in on it
    and then Sara being captured
    did they use another person who can see the future to see if Sara and Robert would get into a fight? And Sara would go to the party?
    that was amazing!!
    it went a little fast--like on minute they were running away and then they were home?
    and the dialogue was kinda off
    but it was good

  2. Thank you for the critique, i need someone to help me.

    yeah when I write it comes out really fast, i need to remember to slow down.