31 January 2009

Brand New Day - Chapter 39

Part XX

Chapter 39:

Back home.
It was weird being back in Texas. For it felt like an eternity when I was in Oregon. When really it was about a month. So I did have a lot to catch up on.

My parents were not upset about anything. They had told me that they had chips controlling them as well. For some reason though, I wasn't sure if I believed them or not. But I only had a few more months with them until I would be out doing my own thing, so I didn't really care.

Ugh, my first day back at school.
Robert, Lydia and my parents all came up with different lies to tell the school as to why we were gone for so long. I know they didn't truly believe it, but all I really cared about was just getting my make-up work.
Geez, the stuff I missed would take weeks to completely finish. I guess that's what I get for trying to do some good.
Oh well.

So it turns out Greg and Doug were originally from Dallas, Texas and since they didn't really have anything left back in Portland, they decided to move down to Austin.
The five of us really began to bond. Saving each others lives really bring people together.
Also Jones really did come through for us. He turned in The Facility over to the Police, they shut down those buildings as well. The Police had found every R.F.I. linked building in the country and shut them down quick. And somehow they had managed to close all R.F.I buildings down all around the world. So there was one long job done.

I never did get my talent back and I was a bit saddened by this. Having it back when I was upgraded, made me feel so important and sort of powerful. But now I only felt weak and empty.
Lydia still had hers, but like Robert, it was a bit fuzzy. Now though, she could get into my head and manipulate me. Another reason why I felt weak. Even before I was upgraded, I could stop her, but now my head was open to everyone.

"Hey Sara," Robert said, right before he kissed me on the lips.
"Hey," I whispered.
Things felt so perfect now, but I knew not to jinx it.
"Do you want to go to Prom with me and there will be an after party?" Robert asked rather nervously.
"Um... do you think we could stay away from parties. I don't really have good luck with them," this was so true.
He laughed and looked really relieved.
"Thank god, I so didn't want to go. But Lydia insisted that I ask," he smiled.
Then we both just busted out laughing.
Of course Lydia would.
I wished this wouldn't end.
I wished that my life could be just like this moment forever.
I was so tired of needles, doctors, power hungry people, and running for my life.
If only the World could be perfect.

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  1. i like how you summarized the book t the end
    really well thought through